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 General conditions



General conditions

Children up to 2 years for free.

  • The shipowner has the right to change the route when it is concerned needed.
  • The shipowner has the right to cancel the tour when the weather conditions are unsafe, storm, fog, ice, etc.
  • The shipowner also may cancel or stop the tour when safety is in danger.
  • The shipowner nor any catering company can be held financially responsable. We will charge the costs made to the client/principal.
  • If, due to the weather circumstances, it's not possible to run, the arrangement will be carried out on shore.

Tax and prices
All mentioned prices are inclusive tax and under restrictions of price changes.

Down payment
For reservations 25 percent of the total amount has to be paid in advance.
In case of cancellation this amount will not be refunded.

The total amount has to be paid 1 week before the boat tour is due.
Determining for the invoice amount is the number of persons that has been given 72 hours before the tour is due to begin. In case that there are more persons than given, this will be charged additional.

Costs of cancellation
Within 72 hours before departure we will charge the full amount.

Claims can be made within 14 days after the tour has been made.
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